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Lili&Me is all about the passion of creativity. The passion for design and sewing!


If you are interested in my ceations why not have a look at Lili&Me on Facebook?


I also had a blog, but we broke up... I'm not making anymore updates in the blog - all new updates are made in the Facebook group. Although, you can still have a look at previous blog posts (all in Swedish): Lili&Me Blog.


If you want to get in contact with me please do so via the Facebook group, or alternatively via e-mail: marie@liliandme.se



Keeping up

Sharing my ideas and designs for that instant inspiration is my mode of operation. Follow Lili&Me on Facebook to get the latest news.



It's in the store!

Some of the Lili&Me designs end up in the online store on Tictail: Lili&Me Store. Have a look! And why not start your own store there if you have somehing to share...

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