Fabrics & material

Fabrics & material

Most of my creations are sewn in cotton fabrics. I also use other materials, even though cotton is the preferred one.


I purchase most of my fabrics on the web (from places like Germany, Taiwan, USA). However, I sometimes find fabrics locally.


If you're looking for really awesomely cool fabrics then I can only suggest: fabric.com, USA. Just be aware (at least if you are living in Sweden like me) that they are selling it by the yard (not meter). Additionally, if you order from the USA you have to pay customs charges if you are living in Sweden.


Additionally, if you live in Sweden in any of these cities: Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö - you're in luck! Here you have Stoff & Stil. It is a Danish store (I think) which found it’s way over the strait to Sweden. They also have a great online store, however, the online store doesn’t carry as full a stock as does the physical stores.


I also use tyg.se on occassion. They have some nice fabrics, but unfortunately also a lot of outdated ones.


Another store I use is Ohlssons Tyger, allthough I think they are a little pricy.


My base materials, and one coloured fabrics I tend to find at IKEA.


In the menu you will find examples of fabrics that I have (or had previously). Note: these fabrics are only examples and not necessarily fabrics I have at home.

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